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The 6th "Silk Road Spring seminar for Young Scholars"—— The mechanical sub-forum
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On September 28, the 6th "Silk Road Spring seminar for Young Scholars"—The mechanical sub-forum was held online and offline, during the“IHarbour Innovation Month 2020”of Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour.

Young scholars from different countries, young talents and team leaders of the school, met and communicated through online meeting in the first conference room of the IAFE.

Professor Xuefeng CHEN, dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, chaired the meeting. He introduced  the century-old  history of the mechanical discipline of Jiaotong University, the current status of the discipline, the talent teams, and research achievements.

Gathering first-class teams, building a first-class platform, creating a first-class environment, cultivating first-class talents, and producing first-class results are the goals of the school and IAFE.

The young scholars were from famous universities and research institutes in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Ireland and other countries. The latest scientific and technological research results were shared, such as micro-robots, mechanical metamaterials, precision machining, and additive manufacturing.

After the meeting, some scholars visited the research platforms of the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour and were full of praise for the speed and results of the Harbour.

The Silk Road Overseas Young Scholars Forum aims to build an exchange platform for outstanding young scholars, provide opportunities for them to understand the rapidly developing China, and recruit talents for Xi'an Jiaotong University.

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