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School of Mechanical Engineering--Degree awarding ceremony of 2020 graduates
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In the afternoon of July 2nd,  The School of Mechanical Engineering grandly held the degree awarding ceremony of 2020 graduates at the Xingqing Campus of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The leaders of the School, Instructor, Academic administrator, Counselor, and 2020 undergraduate, master and doctoral graduates participated together.

The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Secretary Zhang Min. At the ceremony, red carpets and signature walls were carefully arranged to create a strong graduation atmosphere.

Before the ceremony, the graduates entered the venue in an orderly manner.

At 14:20, the ceremony officially began, and the leader gave a speech. Dean Chen Xuefeng made two points in the speech of undergraduates. "First, hope that students will maintain lifelong learning and get a broader space for development in the future. Second, hope that students will strive to make their own achievements no matter what position they are in. Will always be a struggler! Become a strong man in 2025 and even 2035, 2045 of China!"

Then the graduates swore.

Time is not old, youth continues!

The leaders and instructors issued graduation certificates to the graduates and righted the tassels. The graduates signed and took photos at the signature wall.So far, the graduates of 2020 would bid farewell to their alma maters, school, and teachers, and start a new journey. Hope you would be a struggler in the new era!

Deputy Secretary Zhang Min, spoken on behalf of the teachers of the School of Mechanical Engineering:

Today, you graduated from The School of Mechanical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University ,

Feelings of the society

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Life is more than perseverance and struggle

A dream is a meaningful pursuit

Success is more than giving and owning

Commitment is the highest achievement

Knowledge flows with the world

Wisdom illuminates the universe with reflection

Share and collaborate to succeed

Lifelong learning does not disappoint

The glory of living life is worthy of spring and autumn

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