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Notice on two new courses opening in fall,2020-Polytechnic University of Milan supported by "First-Class Scholar Lecture Program"
Post date:2020-07-01  source:Xiaona XU  Click:

In fall, 2020, two English courses will be offered for the graduate students, by Professor Giberti Hermes and Associate Professor Manzoni Stefano from Polytechnic University of Milan supported by "First-Class Scholar Lecture Program".

Course One

Course Name:     Robotic Systems Design

Lecturer:             Professor Giberti Hermes

Assistant Lecturer:  Associate Professor Bo LI

Time:   Fall, 2020

Teaching method:   Remote teaching

Teaching language: English

Class hours and credits: 60 hours, 3 credits

Course ID: 013750

Test method: Exam

Course introduction:

This course provides basic knowledge for choosing and functionally designing industrial robots. Great attention is given to manipulators and a brief overview is given on service robots. Topics covered include mathematical analysis of principal kinematic chains and dynamic analysis, an introduction to path planning theory, an overview of the mechanical devices or components used in this field and touches on the criteria in the use of industrial robots. The emphasis is not on the control algorithm structures or complicated robot mathematical modelling, but on learning the fundamental concepts and core principles useful in the design and use of robots, especially from a mechanical point of view. The intent is to help students acquire a basic set of analytical tools and expertise for working in the robotic field.

Course specific information:


Brief introduction of the professor:


Course Two

Course Name: Advanced Measurement Techniques

Lecturer:        Associate Professor Manzoni Stefano

Assistant Lecturer:  Associate Professor Zixin ZHAO

Time: Fall, 2020

Teaching method:    Remote teaching

Teaching language: English

Class hours and credits: 36 hours, 2 credits

Course ID: 013751

Test method: Exam

Course introduction:

Aim of this course is to introduce to the student techniques of industrial automation, data analysis and experimental mechanics. Main subject of the course will be methods for the characterization of mechanical systems with applications both in experimental mechanics and industrial diagnostic, advanced time-frequency analyses, digital transmission techniques in industrial automation and controls, image acquisition and analysis in mechanical measurements. The last subject will be chosen by the student based on their specific interests between the following proposal: recognition and analysis of sound sources, both moving and still, nondestructive controls and measurement in the automotive field.

Course specific information:


Brief introduction of the Professor:


Students who are interested in the courses, please log in to the system to choose.

The deadline is July 2nd.

Contact: Ms Xu, International Affairs Office of ME

Email:  xnxu18@xjtu.edu.cn

  International Affairs Office

School of Mechanical Engineering

July 1st, 2020

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