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Research Institutes and Centers

iHarbour Academy of Frontier Equipment

Research Institutes and Center

International Center for Machinery

Institute of Aero-Engine

Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Institute of Precision Engineering

Institute of Design Science and Basic Components

Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Institute of Engineering & Medicine Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute of Intelligent Diagnosis and Control for Equipment

Institute of New Energy Equipment and Quality Engineering

Teaching and Research Platforms

At present, there are 7 teaching and scientific research platforms at national level, 4 teaching and scientific research platforms of the Ministry of Education, 8 teaching and scientific research platforms at provincial level, and more than 9210 sets of experimental equipment of various types in our authorized degree-conferring units. 

The details are shown in Table below. The total value of all the equipment is more than 300 million yuan, which can satisfy and support both the scientific research and students training.


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