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International Alumni

Name: Kanat Anurakparadorn (王耀強)

Nationality: Thailand (泰國)

Hello everyone! I am currently a last year master student in the Mechanical school.Almost three years that I have spent my life in this wonderful place where I can gain a good experience and enjoy one of the best moment in my life. I have met friendly and sincere classmates which I gained the strong connection network. In the research group, the carefully advice from the experienced supervisor helps me fulfill my research skill and knowledge. The modern hi-tech facility provided from the school enhances my opportunity for the creative idea to develop a quality research.Moreover,the university also provided useful activities and selective leisure can be obtained here. 

Name: Gul Muhammad

Nationality: Pakistan

     Hello and a lot of respect for everyone, I am the student of Mechanical Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University. I enjoy my time during stay in our School, as the staff and classmate are very helpful as well as very friendly. I feel now China is same like my 2nd home town especially Xi’an as the people are very grateful and I found everyone very close to me same like they are my family members. In future I am looking that Xi’an Jiaotong University will achieve more academic goals and achievement for upcoming students.

Name: Barreau Romain

Nationality: France

     Hello everyone, it's been almost two years i am at the main campus of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and i really like this campus. After hours in my lab working on my computer, i like to go outside and walk in the campus; every season is special here, from the winter's snowmen to the spring's sakura flowers(櫻花). After that i am motivated to come back to study, that is why i like this campus.

Name: Yonas Tesfaye Woldu

Nationality: Ethiopian

     Ni hao (你好) every one !! My name is Yonas, I’m from Ethiopia“Land of Origins“I am studying in School of Mechanical Engineering at the Xi’an Jiaotong University. I came to the historically rich and heartland of China, city of Xi’an. I am happy with the amazing places inside and around my University; it is clean and beautiful beyond my imagination.I am so happy because of the unlimited support I receive from my supervisor, the teachers and the administrative staff in my school of mechanical engineering and XJTU as a whole. They are enthusiastic, take care of their students, and they are always there by our side to help us. XJTU is easy to love because of the people who dedicate themselves to studying and teaching on this campus, which is one of the top universities in China.“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”I have to express my love for my university and school with a lot of support and care, respect and love. Thank you for everything!


 MORE Alumni


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