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About Us

About Us

School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and reputedfaculties of Xi’an Jiaotong University. It was restructured and developed from the original Mechanical Engineering Department and Mechanology Department ,and was formally built up after the reshuffling of

schools and departments in June,1994.

In the school ,there are 3 first class subjects authorized to offer 6 doctoral programs and 7 master’s degree programs .The school has also a State Key Laboratory of Manufacturing System and a Post-doctoral Research Station of Mechanical Engineering which is among the first established post-doctoral research stations in China. At present ,the school has about 200 teaching and administrative staff members ,including 60 professors,3 chief committee men of the State Teaching Instruction Committee for Basic Courses and 10 committee members of the State Instruction Committee for Specialty Basic Courses.

The school is composed of 4 departments ,3 teaching offices of basic courses,2 experiment centers,12 research institutes and 1 training center .Over the past five years,5 state-level and 47 province- and ministry-level awards for teaching and research fruits have been obtained by the school .At present ,the fund or outlay on scientific research has reached up to 10 million a year.

The school has rich scientific research and intellectual resources ,and has formed its own characteristics in such scientific fields as RP&M, intelligent instrument and monitoring inspection ,NC technology ,laser and infrared application ,vibration and noise control ,new materials preparation and surface engineering .Some research work has enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad.

In the resent years ,with the development of electronic and information technology,,computer science and laser machining ,the school has obtained remarkable scientific research achievements in RP technology, mechatronics and control technology, computer emulation and numerical analogue in solidification of metals .Especially the research on advanced manufacturing technology featuring rapid prototyping and manufacturing rose high abruptly above others ,taking a leading position in this field of the country.

In addition, the newly established specialty-Industrial Design is posturing a completely new image to emulate the advanced domestic and international levels.

The school has established comprehensive system for the fostering ,education and management of graduates .At present ,there are 200 master degree candidates and the same number of PhD candidates in the school .Being one of the earliest units to carry out the enrolling and fostering of masters of engineering ,the school can provide the program for masters of engineering in mechanical engineering and material science .Since 1998 the enrolled students pursuing master of engineering have reached 240.

In undergraduate education, the school places emphasion practice and innovation, aiming at fostering students with solid theoretical foundation and plentiful expertise as well as strong ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems .The goal of the school is to nurture all-round and universal trans-century talents.

The leading group of the school adheres to the following principle:

Unite earnestly and sincerely,

Perform one’s duty honestly,

Aspire to make innovation, and

Get over difficulties to forge ahead!

We earnestly hope to conduct close cooperation and extensive academic exchange with our peers, enterprises and research institutes from home and abroad so as to make great contributions to the vitalization o machinery science.

Telephone Number:+86-29-82668602


Address:School of Mechanical Engineering Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Xian Ning West Road No.28 , Xi’an, China.


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